Oak - England's Tree of the Year

The Woodland Trust recently announced that England’s Tree of the Year, 2019, is an oak. We have gathered together a few interesting, and random facts about oak.

Spotlight: How to… simulate and optimise debinding processes

NETZSCH Product Manager, Elena Moukhina, explains how the Kinetics Neo software helps perform polymer debinding processes more quickly and efficiently.

Composite arrows of Kalahari Desert

Learn about the artistry of composite arrows made by the Ju|’hoansi San people of the Kalahari Desert, Southern Africa.

Spotlight: How to… do mechanical testing on very small components

Nordson Dage Micro Materials Applications Engineer, David Routledge, discuses how very small structures can be tested directly, instead of relying on mechanical values from much larger test coupons.

Materials for plasma facing components in fusion technology

Nuclear fusion reactors require specific materials and manufacturing methods to balance effectiveness and efficiency. Wood Nuclear Senior Project Manager, Dr Garreth Aspinall, talks about material choices when designing and developing plasma facing components for fusion applications.