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Material Marvels: Insight into the lives and scientific inventions of innovators for Black History Month

Out of slavery, inequality, and racial adversity, black engineers have made significant contributions to technological advancements and material marvels throughout history. Shardell Joseph looks at the obstacles that inventors faced, and their achievements in science.

Fusion materials

Works are in place to advance the knowledge and ensure technology transfer of commercially viable nuclear fusion power plants.

Spotlight: How to verify the functionality of parenteral drug auto-injector devices

Learn how to test for accuracy in automated dosage injectors.
WITec GmbH

Spotlight: How to… find, classify and identify microparticles

Explore the process of automated microparticle analysis using Raman microscopy.

Obituary - Steve Weston BSc MSc CEng MIMMM

Steve Weston was a great supporter of the PVC industry and was widely respected for his pragmatic approach to polymer re-use and recycling