Material Marvels: La Specola Observatory

From medieval prison tower to observatory and now museum, La Specola has a rich history of redefining itself. Idha Valeur looks into how the building has been adapted for purpose and how it is maintained.

Making a non-toxic wood glue

Cambond Ltd Founder Xiaobin Zhao discusses how algae can replace formaldehyde resins in wood panel products.

Patent of the Month – composite material processing

A patent relating to a novel method for composite material processing is discussed by Dr Tahsin Ali Kassam at The IP Asset Partnership Ltd.

Anandi’s Indian biodegradable sanitary pads

Wood pulp and cornstarch-based materials are being used to make fully compostable sanitary pads.

Circular economy with Yvonne van der Meer

Yvonne van der Meer talks about the hidden considerations of overlooked bio-based products.