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Making plastic that melts away

Founder and CEO of Edwards Innovations, David Edwards, makes a case for extending the use of polyvinyl alcohol to produce plastics that dissolve in water.

Material Marvels: La Specola Observatory

From medieval prison tower to observatory and now museum, La Specola has a rich history of redefining itself. Idha Valeur looks into how the building has been adapted for purpose and how it is maintained.

Spotlight: How to... diagnose issues in polymer samples using DSC analysis

Ruston Services Ltd, Staffordshire, UK, thermal analysis specialist, Phil Robinson, explains how to test for inconsistencies in polypropylene samples.

Yukon’s minerals remain untapped in 2019

Michael Schwartz looks at the mainly untapped Canadian territory that is Yukon.

Bacterial bonds assist skin grafts

Biological adhesions between bacterial cellulose nanofibrils can improve the performance of biomedical skins and grafts.