The future of professional engineering

What does it mean to be a professional engineer today? Engineering Council MarComms Manager Kate Webster discusses the future of skills.

Material Marvels: The Notre-Dame fire highlighted timber shortage issues

Policies, trade partnerships and politics can all influence what trees are available to harvest. What happens when the best timber is not available?

100 years of UK oil

Britain’s first oilfield started production in 1919. CNOOC International Limited Production Engineering Advisor, Craig Durham, looks at the project that laid down the law for oil production.

Member's Benevolent Trust

IOM3 Trustee Gavin Bowyer recounts the founding of the Member's Benevolent Trust, which supports members and their families in times of need.

Meet the librarians

What characterises a librarian? We speak to the IOM3 Librarians about a proud history of cataloguing and sharing technical information.