How to… use plant-based ingredients to make polymers

Gaia Biomaterials UK Packaging Technologist, Donald Beaton, discusses how to get the best results from plant-based ingredients during polymer production.

Deep-sea mining opens mineral opportunities on the seabeds

Better harvesting methods would help unlock the opportunities seabed minerals can offer.

Henry Bessemer – a London exhibition

Visitors to 297 Euston Road, London, have the chance to view a small exhibition related to Sir Henry Bessemer – engineer, inventor and entrepreneur – in 2019.

The inaugural speech of the first meeting of the Iron and Steel Institute

The Duke of Devonshire was the first President of the Iron and Steel Institute. His inaugural address has points that remain valid for modern researchers and professional engineering institutions.

Q&A with Ben Cordier from The Coal Authority

The Coal Authority Technical Lead – Chemistry and Process Engineering, Ben Cordier*, talks to Idha Valeur about the IOM3 CEng in a day workshop, transferrable skills and combining digital and traditional skills.