Peru’s mining industry grows

One of Latin America’s ore giants is growing in size and global influence.

Material Marvels: Looking at the evolution of the wing in aircraft innovation and technology

From changing its shape to varying the use of materials, the wing is constantly evolving to improve aircrafts’ capabilities to build speed and save fuel. Shardell Joseph looks at some key innovations incorporated into wing design, and what to expect in the future.

The Surface Engineering Leadership Forum

The newly established Surface Engineering Leadership Forum is working to promote the sector. Monitor Coatings Managing Director, Dr Bryan Allcock, and former IOM3 Materials Advisor, Dr Geoff Hale, discuss its role.

Making progress in polymers

Polymers are changing, with developments focused on meeting our high demands while also addressing major global challenges in waste and recycling. IOM3 Polymer Society Divisional Board Chair, Stuart Patrick, discusses some ongoing projects.

Steeled for innovation

The value of steel and future trends in the UK industry - Materials Processing Institute CEO, Chris McDonald, discusses.