Cobalt – will there be a shortfall?

The cobalt sector is facing changing fortunes and immense challenges. Michael Schwartz finds out more.

Tooling up with tungsten

Maxim Vreeswijk of Imperial College London, UK, discusses his research on characterising the mechanical properties of interfaces in tooling material tungsten carbide-cobalt composites.

The material science of aortic disease

Biomaterials are improving aortic disease surgery, but current materials still have their limitations. Dr Riaz Akhtar of the School of Engineering, University of Liverpool, UK, discusses progress.

Silicon rising in the energy sector

Shashi Paul of the Emerging Technologies Research Centre at De Montfort University, UK, discusses using silicon nano-structures for energy-related and electronic devices.

Material Marvels: Shrewsbury Flaxmill Maltings – The grandfather of skyscrapers

Shrewsbury’s flaxmill is recognised as the world’s first skyscraper, influencing architecture globally with its innovative iron-frame construction. Shardell Joseph looks into its history and plans for its restoration.