Sulphur finds a way in plastic production

Sulphur feedstock is cheap, available and going to waste. Dr Joseph C Bear of Kingston University, UK, discusses the potential to use sulphur in polymer production.

Material Marvels: Nidarosdomen

Nidarosdomen is the world’s northernmost gothic cathedral, centralised in Trondheim, northern Norway. Idha Valeur takes a look at the historical cathedral, Norway’s national shrine.

Coming soon – self-healing materials

Barnaby Redwood looks at some examples of self-healing materials making their way on to today’s market.

Fred Starr recollects: travel

Fred Starr takes a trip back to his first time visiting the USA, and the opportunities the country presents.

Q&A with Chris Broadbent

Chris Broadbent talks to Khai Trung Le about his prestige lecture delivered at the 2 nd Russia-UK Dialogue.