Lesotho: small country emerges as diamond giant

Michael Schwartz looks at mining companies’ role in Lesotho’s economy and their views on the country as a mining-friendly administration.

Beyond plain sight

Dr Karen Alvey and Dr David Scurr explore the analysis of nanoscale materials and the work carried out at the University of Nottingham’s Nanoscale and Microscale Research Centre, UK.

Cold tissue

Malavika Nair, Professor Serena Best, and Professor Ruth Cameron investigate how to design ice-templated collagen scaffolds for tissue regeneration.

Q&A – Tim McCutcheon

Tim McCutcheon, President at Wealth Minerals, which has interests in Canada, Mexico, Peru, and Chile, tells Gary Peters about the company’s foray into lithium mining.

How to... find opportunities in collaborative automation

Phil Webb, Cranfield University, UK, looks at automation and the potential of humans collaborating with robots.