Q&A with Dr Phillip Harrison

Dr Philip Harrison, CEO of SofMat, talks to Gary Peters about the company’s anti-counterfeit 3D marking technologies, which are invisible to the naked eye and could have applications in a number of industries.

Lasers of durability

Paula Sonne of manufacturing company Wärtsilä, Finland, examines white metal laser technology and its applications across the metals industry.

Cross laminated-timber on display

Peter Wilson* takes a look at the development, and some of the standout works of hardwood cross-laminated timber.

How to... use plasma treatment in electron microscopy

Henniker Scientific Ltd, UK, explain the advantages of using plasma treatment to maintain microscopy equipment.

How to... examine materials using beam-exit cross-sectional polishing

Dr Alex Robson, Lancaster Material Analysis Ltd explains the uses of beam-exit cross-sectional polishing.