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Q&A – David Kelly

David Kelly, Group Director of the UK’s Building Research Establishment’s Innovation Parks Network, talks to Gary Peters about how the organisation is engaging with the sustainability agenda, and how it developed its dementia-friendly and flood-resistant homes.

Frozen knowledge

Biobanks and resources have opened up a whole new way of performing research with big cohorts of patients. Anna Perman investigates.

Material Marvels: The chase

In 1997, the current land speed record was set following a race to Mach 1.

The materials of medicine

Researchers from the Universities of Sheffield, Brighton, Liverpool, and the King’s College London Dental Institute, UK, present case studies covering the use of materials to overcome challenges in medicine.

Printing fixes

3D printing is making patient care personal. In the coming years we’ll see more prosthetics, implants, organs, and drugs become bespoke to individuals, and 3D printers are set to democratise healthcare across the world. But is this technology being over-promised? Anna Ploszajski investigates.