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Materials Marvels: A strategic waterway

A major part of global trade routes, the Panama Canal celebrated its centenary in 2014. However, the first attempt to build the canal failed. Kathryn Allen examines how the waterway, nevertheless, became a vital access point.

Low carbon or low commitment?

The UK government is keen to burnish its low carbon credentials and has unveiled a variety of measures for doing so over the past two years. But, Rhiannon Garth Jones asks, is it all just (the wrong kind of) hot air?

Q&A: Rowena Sellens

Rowena Sellens is CEO of Econic Technologies, a company that uses captured CO 2 in the production of plastics. Here, she tells Gary Peters how the technology works and the potential impact on CO 2 emissions.

Serbia’s mining success

Michael Schwartz reviews the ever-improving situation in Serbia, as this Balkan mining nation looks to continue its rise up the league tables.

Spotlight – How to... find heat treatment data for a specific steel grade

Joakim Fagerlund*, Senior R&D Engineerat steel solutions company Ovako, Sweden, talks about the company’s new online heat treatment guide.