Is the resource curse real?

Is it true that countries with an abundance of natural resources have less economic growth, less democracy, and worse development outcomes than countries with fewer natural resources? Rhiannon Garth Jones investigates.

Spotlight: Non-destructive testing

Dr Ian R Holton, Acutance Scientific Ltd & BLG Vantage Ltd, UK, explores strain mapping on the 100-nanometre scale using HR EBSD.

The rise of 3D printing robots

Gary Peters looks at the rise of mobile manufacturing.

Fred Starr recollects… supersonic progress

Mouldering away in the attic is my final year thesis. Something, as the UK police might say, proves I have ‘form’ with the Concorde project. As my recent letters to...

Unlocking magma’s secrets

Peter D Lee, Yan Lavallée and Mike Burton describe their new process for understanding how and when violent eruptions might take place.