Material Marvels: The Crystal Palace

There are only a few pillars left of what was South London’s Crystal Palace – a glass building that burned down in 1936. Anna Ploszajski writes.

Technical vs. personal skills

David Cartwright* says developing personal skills is mandatory when wanting to step into leadership positions in engineering.

Keeping smart grids safe

What are the dangers associated with smart grids? Gary Peters speaks to Dr Sujeet Shenoi to find out.

ClayTech UK 2017

ClayTech UK 2017 – A time of opportunities and challenges

Q&A – Hamish Herford

Hamish Herford, Director at Hamish & Lyons Architects, UK, talks to Ellis Davies about his project, the Stepping Stone House, Hurley, which has been shortlisted for the Architecture Awards of the royal Institute of British Architects.