Waste not, want not: legacy mines as sources of critical metals

Sitting on our global landscape are many thousands of legacy mine waste sites, which could be sources of critical metals, as Dr Anita Parbhakar-Fox explains.

Testing leadership skills

Ian Bowbrick* offers an insight into assessment centres and the leadership skills assessors are looking for in engineers.

Q&A – Kirsten Bodley

Kathryn Allen speaks to Kirsten Bodley, Chief Executive Officer of the Women’s Engineering Society, about her career to date and good management practice.

Security of supply: the key to a thriving industry

Christine Blackmore and Dr Wolfgang Reimer analyse the importance of a secure supply chain in the mining and mineral processing industry.

Chinese mining: a mixed picture?

When examining China’s economic growth, it is clear to see that mining has punched above its weight. Michael Schwartz reviews recent developments in the sector.