A long history of kiln firing

Adrian Blundell looks back at the history of the ceramic tile manufacturer, Craven Dunnill Jackfield.

Q&A – Michael Brown

Natalie Daniels speaks to Michael Brown about his 20 years’ experience in the brick industry and why the UK needs to appreciate its brick heritage.

Best of ceramic: the London Underground

Kathryn Allen takes a look at the iconic ceramic tiles used on the London Underground.

Q&A – Peter Sharp

Khai Trung Le talks to Michelmersh’s Peter Sharp on his extensive experience in the ceramics industry, current challenges and how the big four companies have changed the shape of the industry

Material marvels: Hanford B nuclear reactor

On 26 September 1944, a first sustained nuclear chain reaction at a new reactor began. Its purpose was not to prove whether fission could be achieved or sustained, but to explore its weaponised potential. Khai Trung Le looks at Hanford B, the world’s first full-scale nuclear reactor.