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Get talking: Fracking – a lesson in bad PR?

Mike Turner CEng FIMMM and Dr Andrew Sturgeon CEng FIMMM, Chair of the IOM3 Oil and Gas Division, give their thoughts on how fracking has been communicated to the public.

Q&A on vanadium mining

Mark Smith speaks to Natalie Daniels about vanadium mining and why greater use of existing technology is needed in the mining sector.

Q&A with plastics packaging expert Bruce Margetts

Natalie Daniels talks to Bruce Margetts about his career in plastics packaging, the challenges facing the industry and why Brexit might not be a bad thing for it.

Material of the month: carbon fibre composite

Simon Frost charts the history of the favoured materials in applications where strength, stiffness and low weight are key.

Fred Starr recollects: waters of destruction

Fred Starr puts the UK’s burst water mains into perspective, recounting his experience with dirty water in Pakistan.