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YMC Meets... Professor Bill Milne FIMMM

Dr Matthew Cole spoke to Professor Bill Milne FIMMM about his impressive career.


Mr K M Philip played a key role in the post-war transformation of the rubber industry in India and remained active on several company boards until the age of 102

Q&A – Rebecca Larkin

Rebecca Larkin tells natalie daniels about the challenges facing the construction industry and why brick captures headlines for the wrong reasons.

Q&A – Keith Aldis Chief Executive of the BDA

Natalie Daniels talks to Keith Aldis, the new chief executive of the BDA, about his plans for the organisation and why brick is favourable in the construction industry.

Innovative Materials to Enhance Head Protection in Contact Sports by Peter Theobald

Peter Theobald from Cardiff University gave a thought provoking lecture on the design requirements for protective headgear.