Linking philosophy and low carbon materials

There are many activities involved in low carbon materials, underpinned by an urgency to change human activities to prevent climate change. Alastair Marsh explains why philosophy will be a useful part of the discussion.

Material marvels: The birth of the Shinkansen

The Shinkansen, or bullet train as it is affectionately known, redefined rail transport. Making its debut in the 1960s, it presaged a new era of high-speed travel, transforming not just its host country Japan, but also the wider region and the world. Gary Peters reports.

The outlook for Canadian mining

Gary Peters speaks to Ryan Montpellier from the Mining Industry Human Resources Council about the labour market outlook for the Canadian mining industry.

Steel for packaging in the circular economy

As the recycling rate continues to rise, Alexis Van Maercke considers the role steel for packaging can play in the transition towards a more circular economy in Europe.

Hydrogen – the great hope for transport?

Anna Ploszajski examines the current use of hydrogen in the transport sector and its growth potential.