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Q&A with Chief Executive of the British Ceramics Confederation

DR Laura Cohen MBE CEng FIMMM, Chief Executive of the British Ceramic Confederation discusses the impact of Brexit on ceramics and what is holding back innovation in the industry.

ClayTech UK 2016 – Technology makes it possible, people make it happen

Ahead of ClayTech 2016, Natalie Daniels takes a look at the current state of the industry and the planned programme of talks.

Spotlight: small matters

Ellis Davies talks to Andrew Monk, Co-Founder of ioLight, about the world’s first folding portable digital microscope

HGVs v cyclists

Mark Godden looks at how responsibility for the safety of HGVs extends from the quarry to drivers and cyclists

Fred Starr recollects: real science fiction

Fred Starr pleads with the nuclear establishment to get over its fixation with the pressurised water reactor