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Obituary - Dr Charlie Geddes

To many, Charlie Geddes and his wife were the SPRA. Together they attended local meetings, IOM3 Local Society Forums, British Plastics Federation and the Horners’ Company events as representatives, indeed ambassadors, for SPRA.

Material of the Month: Gold

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores gold production, its value throughout history and where it all began

Talking aerospace engineering and STEM with Emma England

Having recently won Semta’s Best of British Engineering award, Emma England discusses her career at Airbus and encouraging young people into STEM careers

Daniel Pyke shares his story on changing career paths

Daniel Pyke shares his experience of training in a new field mid-career and offers advice to those thinking of diverting their career path

Spotlight: a focused inspection

FEI Company’s Ernst Jan Vesseur discusses the forthcoming launch of the Apreo SEM and the company’s contribution to microscopy