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Review of the 2016 Gilchrist Thomas Prestige Lecture delivered by Professor Derek Fray

The 2016 Gilchrist Thomas Lecture was delivered by Professor Derek Fray and was entitled: "Examples of Synergy Leading to Innovations in Materials Science".

Q&A on the Extractive Industries Transparency Initiative

Clare Short explains the EITI and the impact it could have on the mining industry and government systems

Q&A with Dr Andrew Pollard on standardising graphene

Dr Andrew Pollard talked to James Perkins about leading the National Physical Laboratory's efforts to standardise and characterise graphene

Mark Godden shares his thoughts on CE marking for stone

More than two years after the implementation of CE marking on stone products, Mark Godden says confusion still reigns in the industry regarding the application of the law.

Dr Robert Moskovic CEng MIMMM

Robert Moskovic, the son of Jewish Holocaust survivors, gained an international reputation in the nuclear power industry