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Talking sustainable packaging with Root Packaging Consultant Tracy Sutton

Tracy Sutton talks about what sustainable packaging really means and what can be done to implement more environmentally friendly solutions

Review of Cecile Charbonneau's lecture: Synthesis, Assembly and Processing of TiO2 Nanomaterials and Thin layers in Application to Third Generation Photovotaics

An update on the research into the development of third generation photovoltaics at SPECIFIC in Swansea University

Material of the Month – ETFE

This month, Anna Ploszajski explores the material that has formed part one of the most remarkable landmarks in Cornwall.

Social media for career development

How can you use social media to enhance your professional development? Natalie Daniels finds out

Talking mining and minerals with Camborne School of Mines professor Frances Wall

Frances Wall discusses her route into mining and how to encourage others into similar career paths