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Neutrons and the future of energy generation

Dr Stéphane Rols from the Institut Laue-Langevin explains the role of neutrons in the next generation of energy materials

Plastics manufacturing expert talks new classifications in materials design

Plastics manufacturing expert Igor ˇCati´c argues for a new classification in materials design to keep up with digital processes

Western Australia is propping up the country’s mining industry

Michael Schwartz examines how Western Australia is a key driver behind Australia’s mining success and the role it can play in responding to the challenges facing the country as a whole

Oil and gas drilling in the Arctic, is it worth it?

Shell might have pulled out of the drilling offshore Alaska but companies are still investing in the Arctic, especially off Norway and Russia. Rhiannon Garth Jones explains

What is geoengineering and should we try it?

Rhiannon Garth Jones explains some of the potential approaches to engineering the climate, and considers the risks