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Review of Jerry Harwood's lecture to N&DMS: Temporary Corrosion Protection for Metal Products and Components

Robert Walker's review of Jerry Harwood's lecture to N&DMS on 12th January 2016. Jerry Harwood is from Technology Packing and the lecture was entitled:  Temporary Corrosion Protection for Metal Products and Components

Steel, the future for the UK and Europe

Recent news from the steel industry in the UK and Europe has been grim but it can be transformed

Plastics manufacturing expert talks new classifications in materials design

Plastics manufacturing expert Igor ˇCati´c argues for a new classification in materials design to keep up with digital processes

Material of the month – silicon carbide

It occurs in the extremely rare mineral moissanite, and has been used in various applications from LEDS and composite armour to automotive parts. This month, Anna Ploszajski explores silicon carbide 

Talking 3D printing and innovation with Renishaw engineer Lucy Ackland

Lucy Ackland, a Project Manager at Renishaw, discusses her early career in engineering and bringing together academia and industry