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Copper and gold exploration in Kalimantan

Michael Forrest talks to Gerald Cheyne, Director of Corporate Development at Kalimantan Gold Corp, about exploring for gold and copper in this geologically active area

Foreign affairs - resource nationalism and mining

The risks associated with resource nationalism can ruin a mining project in a foreign country. Guy Richards looks at the main forms in which it comes and the strategies companies adopt to manage it

Thorium: big hopes, small steps - nuclear fuel

Boosted by the recent establishment of the Weinberg Foundation, thorium nuclear power is enjoying an increasingly high profile as a green nuclear energy panacea. The reality, as Tim Probert discovers, is not nearly so simple
Materials modelling and simulation will play a critical role in advancing new nuclear technologies

The nuclear R&D roadmap - critical materials challenges

In March 2013, the UK Government confirmed nuclear as a key future low-carbon energy source when it announced a new, long-term nuclear strategy. Professor Andrew Sherry of The University of Manchester’s Dalton Nuclear Institute and Professor Robin Grimes of Imperial College London, both UK, discuss the critical materials challenges involved
Solar panels installed on roof

The rise of solar power - experts discuss developments

With technological improvements raising efficiency and lowering costs, solar power is catching up with conventional sources of energy. Rachel Lawler speaks to three experts about promising developments in the field