Karen Woodward

Professional development Q&A - Karen Woodward of the National Apprenticeship Service

With university tuition fees reaching £9,000 a year, apprenticeships are an increasingly attractive alternative for many young people. But how do they compare with higher education? And how might this affect employers?
Daniel Edwards

Professional development - Profile: Daniel Edwards, Laboratory Technician

Daniel Edwards, Laboratory Technician at Mettis Aerospace Ltd, UK, talks about his daily tasks and what's important to him in a job
Extreme sharp titanium rainbow aura quartz crystal cluster stone

Material of the month: Titanium

Titanium is a transition metal, aptly named for its strength equivalent to some steels while being 45% lighter. Its biomedical applications, especially, demonstrate how modern materials science has improved life quality for millions of people.

Spotlight: Processing payoff

A round-up of recent developments in materials processing.

Rich rewards - uranium mining

Uranium mining brings with it a host of issues as well as benefits. Nevertheless, demand is on the rise for the foreseeable future, says Mark Kenwright, Associate Director of Geology and Resources at Wardell Armstrong International.