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Material matters - Fuel for thought

My own energy supplier, SSE, has just announced an 8.2% price rise, similar to the others and also on the back of record profits for the year ending March 2013. But let’s look beyond the headlines and a bit more closely at SSE’s accounts.
Karen Woodward

Professional development Q&A - Karen Woodward of the National Apprenticeship Service

With university tuition fees reaching £9,000 a year, apprenticeships are an increasingly attractive alternative for many young people. But how do they compare with higher education? And how might this affect employers?
Extreme sharp titanium rainbow aura quartz crystal cluster stone

Material of the month: Titanium

Titanium is a transition metal, aptly named for its strength equivalent to some steels while being 45% lighter. Its biomedical applications, especially, demonstrate how modern materials science has improved life quality for millions of people.
Satellite of love

Professional development - 2013: A space careers odyssey

As the UK Government pledges an extra £60m funding to the UK Space Agency for Europe’s space programme, Materials World looks at the sector’s robust response to skills shortages.