An interesting conflict - Conflict Minerals Rule reports due

The US Government’s Conflict Minerals Rule, issued in August 2012, will have an effect on these materials' supply, but how will it affect industry?

Caution to the wind - storing wind power as hydrogen for the grid

German power companies are progressing in storing wind power as hydrogen, but can this gas be used to generate power?

Material evidence - forensic textile in criminal cases

Dr Debra Carr of the Impact and Armour Group at Cranfield Defence and Security, UK, describes her latest findings in forensic textile science after a recent overseas research trip.

Q&A - Three industry experts discuss the role of graphene in their fields

In 2004 researchers at the University of Manchester, UK, isolated graphene in its free form and it has since been publicly hailed as the super material to build future devices. Here industry insiders share their thoughts on its role in various research areas

Nanofibres to nanocomposites - Electrospinning trends for biomedical use

UK experts provide an overview of trends in the nanofibre electrospinning sector