A very modern brickworks

Greater production efficiency and its resulting cost and energy savings don’t have to mean investing in a whole new plant. Josef Schröter from Keller HCW in Laggenbeck, Germany, explains how a small process control system upgrade can transform even the oldest brick plants.

Material of the month: Aluminium foil - Over 100 years of multipurpose metal sheets

Maria Felice looks at the varied uses of, and changes to, aluminium foil over the years

Spotlight: Sensing progress - safer and more economical sensor technology

Sensor technology improvements are helping engineers meet demands for safer and more economic systems. Rachel Lawler looks at the developments

Australia, land of uranium - plans to supply the nuclear industry

Australia has sizeable Uranium deposits but extraction is difficult. Alan Eggers tells Micheal Forrest how they will be accessed.

East meets West - East Africa as an oil source

Why East Africa is becoming an important source for oil and gas companies