Ancient terranes - modern analogs for mining development

Modern analogs could help develop mines in some of the world’s oldest geological terranes. Michael Forrest finds out more from Glen Kuntz, CEO of Canadian exploration company Mega Precious Metals Inc.

UK gives backing for fracking - shale gas go ahead

With hydraulic fracturing back on the agenda in the UK, Tim Probert explores the next steps towards Britain’s ambition to create a shale gas revolution.

Testing the waters - HMS Astute, a unique nuclear submarine

Mike Wilson and Dr Stuart Hambling, metallurgists at BAE Systems Maritime-Submarines, discuss the techniques that were developed during the construction of the Royal Navy’s most sophisticated and powerful nuclear submarine ever to set sail from British waters.

Spent energy - reprocessing of spent oxide nuclear fuel

Dr Carsten Schwandt from the Department of Materials Science and Metallurgy at the University of Cambridge, UK, looks at the reprocessing of spent oxide nuclear fuel.
Schematic cutaway of pressurised water reactor (PWR) pressure vessel and reactor internals.

Under pressure - extending nuclear plant service-life

Brian Hall, Materials Project Engineer at the Westinghouse Materials Center of Excellence, USA, describes new initiatives to extend nuclear plant service-life.