Material Matters: ’Til the Concrete Angel Falls

Craig Durham puts forward a candidate for the greatest material on Earth that is literally the foundation of modern society, and yet evidence of its use has been found dating back 9,000 years.

Special section: Chain Reaction - Potential nuclear energy source

Increasing world population and improved standards of living have led to a rise in demand for renewable and nuclear sources for fuel. Kevin Hesketh and Jeremy Davison of the UK’s National Nuclear Laboratory examine the potential of uranium and plutonium as energy sources.

Extreme exploration - Uranium in the Arctic Circle

What prompts a company to set up a base perched on the edge of the Arctic Circle, more than 200km from the nearest town? Michael Forrest talks to Jim Paterson of Kivalliq Energy Corp to find out.

The road to El Dorado - Argentinian gold fields

A closer look at the gold fields of Argentina is set to reap rewards for UK-based Samco Gold Ltd. Michael Forrest spoke to CEO Paul Richardson to find out more.

Special section: Powered up - Superconducting power cables

Superconducting power cables can carry 100 times more electricity than copper, but costs can be prohibitive.