Q&A Expanded protection - President of EUMEPS Packaging Allard Lohman

Allard Lohman, recently elected President of EUMEPS Packaging and Managing Director of HSV Packaging and Insulation, discusses the importance of recycling expanded polystyrene, its environmental benefits and exciting developments in foam hybrids of the material

Starpack interview: PET Power's Managing Director

The Starpack Awards catch up with new sponsor PET Power's Chris Turner
Sistine chapel

Materials through the ages: Brush strokes - paint

Maria Felice examines how the materials used for painting have changed over the millennia

Spotlight: Energy efficiency and heat treatment

As interest in nanotechnology continues to grow, Rachel Lawler looks at some of the equipment making developments possible.

Targeting gold from Afar - Stratex International investigate the African Rift Valley

Could the African Rift Valley be the new Patagonia for gold deposits? David Hall of Stratex International plc reports.