The Broxburn Bing near Edinburgh (fig 3)

Not costing the Earth - unconsidered waste materials

Dr Alex Finlay from the Geochemical Reclamation of Industrial Minerals and Elements (GRIME) research group at Durham University, UK, outlines plans for the investigation and development of unconsidered waste materials as a green rare earth element resource.
The first chalcogenide glass microsphere laser, developed by Greg Elliott while a PhD student at the University of Southampton opened the way for a new geometric structure for mid-IR lasers

Ions shine on - uses of rare earth ions

The range of uses rare earth ions provide for technological development are seemingly endless. Professor Daniel Hewak, head of the Novel Glasses for Optoelectronic Devices Research Group at The University of Southampton, UK shows how this valuable commodity is already changing the world.
Hummingbird geologist

Under the surface - mining in Liberia

The mining industry in Liberia is undergoing a renaissance.
A gold watch

Gold: Time to invest?

Michael Forrest talks to Paul Burton, Senior Equities Analyst at Thomson Reuters GFMS, about the price and production of gold.