The rare earth supply challenge

Dr Gareth Hatch, President of Innovation Metals Corp in Canada, discusses supply issues.
Continuous carbon-fibre processing in a series of thermal steps. This well-refined process is engineered to apply heating and cooling to the most minimal load possible and without need for material containment.

Think process before scaling up - thermal processing

Tom Mroz, Director of Technology at thermal processing company Harper International, explains the importance of considering scaleup requirements for thermal processing early for successful commercialisation of new materials.

Better annealing of brass with nonlinear models

The benefits of nonlinear modelling to brass production have been shown using processing data. An international team reports on a study conducted at the Zutphen plant in the Netherlands.
HIPped powder valve body

Graded grains make finer parts - hot isostatic pressing

The materials and manufacturing benefits of hot isostatic pressing of hardfacing and stainless steel powders for pressurised water reactor components is described by Barry Burdett, a materials specialist at Rolls-Royce Plc Raynesway in Derby, UK.