Biopolymer bottle "degrading" in grass

Greener and stronger - new biopolymer developed

A biopolymer blend has been developed that provides improved mechanical and processing properties over PET. The material can be used for applications in the packaging and aerospace industries. Professor Alma Hodzic from the University of Sheffield reports.

Consolidating composites - polymer materials for aerospace and electronics

Processing improvements have hastened the development of polymer materials for the aerospace and electronics sectors. Dr Alan Wood from Victrex outlines the route to faster production of polymer matrix composites.

Q&A: Tide and trusted - wind and wave energy

Neil Kermode, Managing Director of The European Marine Energy Centre (EMEC) in Orkney, UK, talks about advances in marine testing facilities and renewable technologies.

A hitchhiker’s guide to critical metals

Dr Laura Talens Peiró, a Marie Curie IEF Fellow at the INSEAD Social Innovation Centre in France discusses a recovery solution for metals scarcity that could ease supply for the electronics industry.