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How safe is that nuclear reactor?

Professor George Smith is Emeritus Professor of Materials at The University of Oxford, UK. He outlines his thoughts on the future of the nuclear industry and the problems that need addressing for energy security.

Material of the month: Lead zirconate titanate

Lead zirconate titanate, often referred to as PZT, is a man-made ceramic. It has many uses, most commonly as a piezoelectric ceramic.

The finding of Gounkoto - gold exploration in Mali

Michael Forrest talks to Joel Holliday, Exploration Manager for West Africa at Randgold Resources Ltd.
A sight the residents of Balcombe are keen to avoid – a Cuadrilla rig at Preese Hall, Lancashire

Shale gas in Sussex: The battle of Balcombe

As shale gas exploration turns its attention to the riches beneath the Home Counties, Tim Probert asks will the growing environmental opposition to hydraulic fracturing cause shale gas to go the way of GM foods?
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Big spenders - exploration expenditure and metal prices

Exploration expenditure is a good indicator of the health of metal prices. Michael Forrest tracks the trends with David Cox of the Metal Economics Group.