Added value - packaging design

Company branding and advances in technology are among the main influences on packaging design. Martin Parley interviews Chris Hart, Creative Director at Blue Marlin in Bath, UK, who has been part of the redesign team for Sensodyne toothpaste, as well as major Bulgarian alcoholic beverage Yambolska.

Feeling the heat - processing thermoplastics for re-use

A new thermal fluid-based heating and cooling system that could work effectively at the upper and lower ends of the heating cycle has been developed.
Toroidal roller bearing

Playing hardball - improving steel alloy bearings

A new heat treatment process is improving reliability of steel alloy bearings. Phil Burge, from SKF bearings, explains how.

Improving your networking skills

As an aspiring young engineer or scientist who is at school, attending university or, perhaps, a recent graduate seeking employment, or, indeed successfully emloyed, will find it invaluable to improve upon their nwtworking kills. Networking is a skill that is never directly mentioned on a CV or directly discussed at an interview but can be the key to your success in obtaining that dream job, promotion or securing of business.