Ultrasonic alloys

Casting techniques for metallic objects have been enhanced by incorporating sound treatment. Zohair Sarajan, from Islamic Azad University and Farzad Karami Sheikhiabadi from Shahid Sadughi Technical School, both in Iran, outline how applying noise to the molten metal increases density and strength.

Alloy composite casting

Research into stir casting of a metal composite has shown increased resistance to dry sliding wear. Materials scientists Zohair Sarajan, Mehrdad Soltani and SeidAbbas Hoseininejad from Iran outline the process employed.
Woven SMA/carbon fibre

Lightening the load - shape memory alloy reinforced composites for aircraft

Charlotte Meeks, Senior Scientist, and Andy Foreman, Principal Scientist at QinetiQ, UK, discuss shape memory alloy reinforced composites in delivering reduced foreign object damage for aircraft.
Making iron ladles for copper casting, Swansea, early 1920s. Image courtesy of Swansea Museum

Pioneers and profits - the South Wales copper industry

South Wales is not only famous for its coal mining industry, it was once the epicentre of copper production. Dr Tehmina Goskar, Research Officer for the Global and Local Worlds of Welsh Copper Project, recounts the region’s colourful history.