Rift Valley

Jordan's oil

Chris Morgan, Managing Director of Jordan Energy and Mining, talks to Michael Forrest about the recently tapped shale oil supplies of the Middle East.
polycrystalline diamond impregnated drill bit

Searching in the dark - drilling systems in the Chilean miners' rescue

During the Chilean mining incident late last year, different drilling survey techniques were employed to locate and free the trapped miners. Martin Cox, Head of Technical Business Development at Aberdeen Drilling Management Ltd, UK, talks about directional drilling and underground guidance systems.
"Question mark" image courtesy of Chris Baker

Built to succeed - additive manufacturing for sports equipment

Martin Parley talks to Dr Ruth Goodridge, Research Associate at Loughborough University, UK, about the potential in creating customised sporting products through additive manufacturing.
Finite element modelling of tennis racquet

Sporting chance - modelling techniques for high-performance equipment

New modelling techniques offer the chance of radical improvements in the design of high-performance sporting equipment.