When buildings are too safe

Professor Mark G Stewart from the University of Newcastle, Australia reports on a study into the strength of clay brick masonry which suggests that current design standards in Australia are overly conservative, and that efficiency and cost savings could be achieved if these are relaxed.
Scientist doing lab-scale tests using saline waters at CSIRO

Ready salted - seawater in mineral processing

Michael Forrest talks to Hal Aral, from the Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation, Australia, about trials employing saline or seawater in mineral processing.
Aerial view of the Saskatoba project

Unearthing new energy potential

The CEO of Saturn Minerals talks about his company’s mining developments in Saskatchewan, western Canada, and their growing importance as a provider of energy now and in the future.
Lockheed Martin F-35 Lightning II Joint Strike Fighter

Striking out with materials R&D

The Aerospace, Aviation and Defence Knowledge Transfer Network reveal the scope of the KTN’s Materials and Structures National Technical Committee.