Food contact at a small scale - nanotechnology know-how

As interest in packaging materials that extend food shelf-life grows, Barry Park of the UK Nanotechnology Knowledge Transfer Network explores the potential for using nanotechnology to help reduce food waste.
Acacia wood chips for pulping

Pulp transition - bleached pulp production

Packaging consultant Ian Davis explains what prompted the change twenty years ago in the way bleached pulp for paper and board packaging was produced, and the effect on fibres used today.
New sizing equipment

Vermiculite valley

Vic Fitzmaurice, CEO, Gulf Industrials, Sydney, Australia, discusses the properties of vermiculite and outlines his company’s mining activities in East Africa’s Rift Valley.
Preparing the mine site at Twangiza

Against all odds - mine construction in a remote location

Michael Forrest talks to Richard Levack, CEO & Managing Director of Banlaw Africa, about his company’s experience of constructing the Twangiza mine in the Democratic Republic of Congo.