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Braking the mould - braking systems using waste carbon fibre

A programme to extend the life of braking systems using waste carbon fibre in reinforced ceramic composites has come to an end. Dr Houzheng Wu, Senior Lecturer in materials from Loughborough University, UK, outlines the improvements made.

Casting is considered - UK Centre for Innovative Manufacturing in Liquid Metal Engineering

The UK casting industry has received a boost with the foundation of a facility to develop the field. Dr Ian Stone, at Brunel University, Uxbridge, UK, reports

Light touch - sustainable light alloys in transport

Developing cleaner and more sustainable light alloy manufacture in the aerospace and automotive sectors is the focus of a centre of excellence at The University of Manchester, UK. Programme Project Manager Susan Davis outlines the LATEST2 programme.

Showing mettle - R&D for UK light metals

In recent years, R&D for the UK light metals industry has declined, but a robust group of supported projects remain as a core for future growth.

Saqib Sadiq FIMMM (Profile)

Saqib Sadiq worked in the aerospace and automotive industries, before becoming involved in the American energy sector.