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Tom Moffat MBE CEng HonFIMMM (Profile)

Tom Moffat is an Honorary Fellow of the Institute who was born into a mining family, and after starting his career as a colliery electrician, went on to teaching and was also a champion of small businesses.

Dr Lionel Parks CChem FIMMM (Profile)

Starting his career in 1957 sampling and analysing ores and minerals, Lionel Parks went on to work on asbestos and thermal insulation materials. He eventually became MD of a company developing fire protection materials which are now used worldwide.

Professor Aldo Boccaccini FIMMM (Profile)

Although he has been a member of IOM3 for a long time, Aldo's strong association with IOM3 started soon after joining the Department of Materials of Imperial in 2000.

Rocket-powered records

Necessity is the mother of invention, as Plato is widely quoted as saying, although, in my opinion, breakthroughs in design more often come about by existing materials being used in untried ways.
Robert Brian Dunn

Robert Brian Dunn FREng FIMMM (Obit)

Robert Brian Dunn was a Lancashire man by birth, born in 1924 into a family engaged in coal mining for many generations. He died in late November 2008.