The DeBeers Venetia mine, South Africa

The hole truth? - Computer modelling for mining

The StereoCore PhotoLog system from Ground Modelling Technologies in Johannesburg, South Africa, is finding applications in large mine projects, this article describes it.
Miners at Tanzanite One's mine

Tanzanian travails

Tanzania has great potential as a developing mining nation. Michael Forrest reports on a UK All-Party Parliamentary Group meeting that discussed the country.
DC electrolytic etching cell

Etching forward - new etching process

Discussing the processes involved in chemically machining difficult-to-etch metals and alloys using direct current, pulse and pulse-reverse electrolytic etching.

Surface structure - changing surface properties

Describing the methods used to produce deformed layers that give alloys differing surface properties.

Off the wall - energy savings in refractories

Wall coatings can be used to provide energy savings in refractories.