Showing (top) a vehicle in the visible spectrum, conventional optical camouflage and (bottom) the same vehicle in the IR spectrum. The warm motor, transmission and exhaust pipe are clearly visible. © Saab Barracuda

Suited to defence - nanotech protection against chemical warfare

Warfare is moving to the nanoscale to defend soldiers against modern chemical and biological weapons. This article describes Swedish developments.
Measured Gain Pattern versus RTCA standard for airborne GPS antennas

Spies like us - communication and surveillance equipment

Describing improvements to antennas for surveilence through new materials developments.
Cross-section of a typical small arms protective insert (a ceramic-composite armour)

Aussie armour - Australian defence research

This article focuses on the work of Australian Defence Apparel and the requirements for future armour systems.
The CoolVault system. Courtesy of Ibstock Brick Ltd

Trading up? Trade association aid

Laura Cohen, Chief Executive of the British Ceramics Confederation, describes what the trade association is doing to help industry.
Coca-Cola can

Out to market - marketing to aid recovery

Marketing can help companies bounce back from the recession.