Pill packet

Making it better – pharmaceutical packaging

Chris Penfold, CEO of Nottingham-based pharma packaging consultancy Design Cognition, presents The Packaging Society’s Pharmaceutical Common Interest Group.
A Smart Karton

Safe passage – packaging protection

The safe delivery of items is a fundamental role of packaging. Ivan Reeve, Sales Director of CDi Worldwide, Bungay, UK, describes a newcarton system designed with this in mind.

Ground value - calculating the worth of a resource

How do companies confidently calculate the worth of a resource?
Map showing the Crosshair Exploration and Mining site

Mineral power

A Canadian mining company has mounted extensive exploration programmes in the Central Mineral Belt (CMB) of Labrador, a province of complex geology and few inhabitants. It is focusing on clean energy components, including uranium and vanadium as vanadium redox batteries can rapidly charge and discharge without deterioration.
FV432 vehicles with identical visual colour and differing coatings

MASTering defence - UK work to improve defence

Team MAST has been delivering the UK Ministry of Defence’s (MOD’s) low to medium maturity materials and structures research since November 2007. This article presents case studies from that work - coatings to lower solar heat absorption, self healing of fibre-reinforced polymer composites and integrated damage resistance in composite structures.