Trans-Atlantic comparisons

Guy Armitage, Operations, Director of York Handmade Brick Co Ltd, UK, attended Clemson 2009, USA, and compares the two markets.

Heavy clay changes

A summary of the impact of technology changes on the market and the prospects for heavy clay products is presented.
Energy saving bulb

Will the lights go out? Energy supply

David Hunter, an Analyst at UK energy consultancy and utility management firm McKinnon and Clarke, Dunfermline, UK, discusses energy supply.
Probe drilling in the tunnels

Icelandic epic – tunnelling methods

Chemical grouting prevented an Icelandic tunnel project becoming a total wipe out. This article describes the processes used.
Compostable bioplastic packaging

Bioplastics – what does it all mean?

No other subject than bioplastics is so hotly debated in the plastics industry, and yet, it is not always clear what the term means. This article provides some background information.