Detail of a replication of relief tiles that depict Henry Hudson sailing up the Schrewbury River

Making history - replicating ceramic tiles

Replicating ceramic tile may be challenging, but there’s growing demand in the USA, writes Roger Mayland, of North Prairie Tileworks in Minneapolis, USA.
Brendon’s ‘Reflect’ series uses a platinum lustre to give ‘orphaned’ china the illusion of being in a complete set

The devil is in the detail - reinvigorating vintage crockery

Vintage crockery can be given a new lease of life with the simplest of touches, according to design graduate Richard Brendon.
Ancient Egyptian wall-painting

Added value - additives for consistency in building materials

David Baggaley, R&D Manager at Procter Johnson, Flint, UK, explains how today’s chemically purified additives are resulting in products with colours and textures that are consistent in appearance and performance.
Three-dimensional render of the topographic map of Yukon, Canada

Yields at Yukon - valuable deposits

Canada’s smallest federal territory is rich in mining heritage and mineral discoveries, yet there are further valuable deposits in the Yukon landscape.